Deezer app closes itself while music is playing

  • 31 March 2023
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My mobile Deezer app closes after I receive a phone call. Whether I answer the phone call or not, after a couple of minutes the Deezer app will close by itself while music is playing. How can I stop this?


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2 replies

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Hello @tomi.boy, is your Android up to date? 
Could you please reinstall the app and see if it continues? 

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Hello @tomi.boy,

There are several things that could cause that:

  1. Your Android OS being obsolete - you need to make sure you have all the latest updates installed.
  2. Deezer Version obsolete - please make sure you’re running the latest stable version of Deezer. You could also try reinstalling the app.
  3. Low RAM: your phone could have so many background processes and leaving little to no RAM available when a new process (phone call) starts hence killing the Deezer instance.
  4. Corrupt Storage: In some rare cases some bad sectors on your storage could cause this issue to happen, as the system tries to read some data on it to run a process and fails and crashes.
  5. Overdue Reboot: Sometimes all your phone needs is a simple reboot to clear some old cache and similar files to work again smoothly, do that.

If you confirm that all the above scenario do no apply to your issue, write back here.