In which countries is Disturbia (instrumental) by Rihanna available on Deezer?

I can't find the instrumental version of Rihanna's Disturbia in any of the countries I've searched through. Can anyone help pls? 


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Hey @Neven Baljak 

According to API Explorer, the song is available in the following countries:

"available_countries": [    "AE",    "AR",    "AT",    "AU",    "BA",    "BD",    "BG",    "BH",    "BO",    "BR",    "BY",    "CH",    "CL",    "CO",    "CR",    "CZ",    "DE",    "DK",    "DO",    "DZ",    "EC",    "EE",    "EG",    "ES",    "FI",    "FR",    "GB",    "GR",    "GT",    "HK",    "HN",    "HR",    "HU",    "ID",    "IE",    "IL",    "IN",    "IQ",    "IS",    "IT",    "JO",    "JP",    "KR",    "KW",    "KZ",    "LB",    "LK",    "LT",    "LV",    "MA",    "ME",    "MK",    "MT",    "MU",    "MX",    "MY",    "NG",    "NI",    "NL",    "NO",    "NZ",    "OM",    "PA",    "PE",    "PH",    "PL",    "PT",    "PY",    "QA",    "RO",    "RS",    "RU",    "SA",    "SG",    "SI",    "SK",    "SN",    "SV",    "SY",    "TH",    "TJ",    "TN",    "TR",    "TZ",    "UA",    "VE",    "YE",    "ZA"



@dee_dirk I literally live in Croatia but the song isn't available for some reason. 

@Neven Baljak 

This is strange as the song is said to be available in Croatia as well.

Can you open the song via the direct link (see below)?


@dee_dirk Nope says it's unavaliable

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Hi all 

I’m from Croatia and I can open … now is available

Disturbia (Instrumental) · Rihanna