delete account!!!

How the fuck can u hold people hostage to keep accounts they don't want!!! An hour trying to delete a hacked account and breeched account apparently so it's not safe to even have.... Will u delete my bloody account  ill never use deezer and u have people go round in circles finding help to delete accounts that can't be deleted !!

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Hello @Melissa.Noonan

we certainly do not want to hold you hostage, you are free to delete your account any time you want by following the steps in this article:

Is it your Deezer account or Community account you want deleted? If it’s the community one I can help you with that, 

if it’s the Deezer one and even following the steps you can’t delete it, just let me know and I can delete it for you. 


No you bastards just make people pay over and over even when they have a subscription I have paid more then 2 or 3 times and you already had taken it out of my account bunch of thieving ass cunts

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You people need to chill and coherently describe the issue you are having so someone can help you.

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If you can stop using those words, other people are more willing to help you here. And don’t forget, the people over here are Deezer users, they are not in service of Deezer.


The fastest way to delete your account:

  • Use your webbrower on your pc/Mac and go to the Deezer website.
  • Go to your account settings and then to your subscription.
  • If there is still a subscription running, you can end it there.
  • And then go back to your account settings. And below you can see where you van delete your account.
  • Fill in your email account, press “delete account” and then go to your email. In this email you can click on a link and after that, your account has been deleted.