Deezer for Creators - Pitching Tool missing

  • 9 February 2024
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I already have access to the Deezer for creators tool, but the Pitching Tool is missing for me. I already tried everything (already follow this article )

Is there anything that can be done? Any direct link to the tool?


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Hi @Vinicius.Oliveira.Vns have you checked the complete guide already too?:
If that doesn’t work, could you please let me know if you are an artist manager, label or independent artist, and also share screenshots of what you see when you try to access to the pitching tool?

I have the same problem. I don’t even see the box where I can select “pitiching tool” in the account management section. Deezer says there should also be a field where I can directly write to the support team directly from my “deezer for creators” account. I don’t see / find that button anywhere.

Same here. I just got an email today, Feb 20, saying we can pitch tracks. Click on the link in the email. No pitching link anywhere visible on the site. We did two album releases in the last month, it would have been great to know about this and for it to actually be available. I am the admin and the main artist. I would like to pitch a track from each of these albums.

What I see when I am logged in and click on the pitch now button.

But this flashes on first and disappears


Hi @Vinicius.Oliveira.Vns have you checked the complete guide already too?:

Yes. Thanks for replying. After extensive searching, I discovered that Pitch isn’t yet available for artists, only labels. It would be good if that was stated somewhere. I got a reply via email and found out I needed to create a label account (I am a label with several artists). Deezer has made several changes recently, stepping up their game in the promotion of artists, which I applaud. Although I wasn’t able to pitch our two latest albums from January and February, I pitched them anyway and hope thepirtches will be seen and checked out.


I’m told Pitch will be available for artist accounts soon.