Change date format to day / month / Year

  • 5 August 2022
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I would like to change the date format to  day / month / year instead of the American one  month / day / year, for the release date of the albums. Is it possible?  My computer is formatted correctly and I put my country as France in Deezer



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It probably depends on your language setting in your account, so if you pick English, it will use their date format.

My settings are in french, so it should work but it didn’t. Thanks for the answer

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Hello @driverblues could you please provide an screenshot with the problem that you mentioned.
I have checked in the system and you should see the release dates in a Day/month/year format.
Thanks :)

Thanks for the answer.

I started my computer this morning and everything was back to normal.

After thinking of it, I think it was cause by my VPN. 😅