• 10 February 2024
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Why is there an option to link Alexa if it literally doesn’t work Spotify and Amazon music work Deezer sound cloud and YouTube music don’t but id expect that I don’t want to talk to Alexa to pick a song I want to myself please fix this, it’s such a simple thing and the amount you are charging?? Ngl that’s cheeky I want Alexa 


Best answer by Noam Asulin 21 February 2024, 07:38

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2 replies

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Alexa is available but not in all countries , so it make sense you’ll see Alexa as an option 

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Hi @georgia24, sorry to hear about the issue you're experiencing, and thank you @Noam Asulin  for your help.

Upon checking our system, I noticed that there's an error in the email associated with your Deezer account, making it impossible to access your Deezer Premium account.

In this case, I recommend reaching out to our support team here and providing them with a screenshot of your payment receipts. Please ask them to correct your email address associated with the account.

After the email address is updated, please try linking your Deezer account to Alexa again. This should resolve the issue you're facing.

Let me know if you need further help.