Why am I paying £20 for Deezer Family?

  • 25 April 2023
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I've been a member of Deezer for ages and to be honest love it but I'm not sure I'm paying the right subscription. I did take out 360 a while back but know this was cancelled, but I'm still paying £20 for Deezer premium family and belive this should be £17.99.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 


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3 replies

Hey @trickyyoung 

Did you possibly book your subscription within the smartphone app, e.g. with Apple? Then you pay service fees and accordingly more per month.

Thanks so much for your reply. It  was booked through the app  on android. Must admit I wasn't aware of an additional charge. It's not a bid deal but just wanted to understand 👍


Yep, Google also takes service fees. Even if it's not much, you could in principle cancel your subscription, let it expire and then book your subscription again via browser at Then of course you have to invite all members with their own login data back into the subscription.