We want to change from Deezer Family to Premium. How?

  • 12 April 2020
  • 4 replies

Only one familymember (te main admin profile) uses Deezer. We want to change it to premium. How? The website doesn’t give this option. 

4 replies

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Hello @Borremier, you need to unsubscribe from your current offer, wait for the end of the paid month and then subscribe to Premium. The main profile will still be available, and the other profiles won’t be accessible but will keep their favourites and playlists.

Have a nice day!

How?? On the app I only have delete account, there’s nothing on there to cancel subscription! I can’t help but feel like that’s a deliberate choice on Deezer‘s behalf! 😡

Hey @Jenny Louise Wickett 

Before you insinuate things here, you should look properly.
Settings -> Account management



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Hey @Jenny Louise Wickett

I checked your account and you are a secondary profile in a family account. 

As you are not the account paying for the subscription, you can’t cancel it either.