Good afternoon, I have a problem with the premium subscription.

In your app it says that the premium subscription costs $3.99.

When I choose this subscription, I see the following information that after a month of free access, I have to pay 13 Swiss Francs!

My region of the application is Ukraine, but I am located in Switzerland, why does not the standard payment work?

If it's $4, then let it be $4.

Not a conversion due to another country.



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@Serhii Khomchenko 

You always have to pay the price for subscription plan of the country you are located. 

If I use a VPN?

I want my IP address to be in Ukraine!

Will it be considered a violation of the rules?

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@Serhii Khomchenko

Once again… prices do not depend on ip location but on your real location. 
Otherwise everybody would use a VPN connection of a low price country. 😉

Thanks for the quick response, it all makes sense)

Have a good day )