New fee for Deezer Family

  • 17 November 2022
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Hi Deezer, I just received an email regarding the staggering jump in pricing for my Deezer Family plan. 50% increase is no joke! If you were to go in smaller incremental steps during time, “sugarcoat the pill” maybe it would had been less an impact. In this way to do business you will loose my account.

Now the suggestion to mitigate this: why don’t you create a smaller than 6 family group? For instance a group of 2 for the same price of today? See your famous rival DUO offering...We are anyway mostly groups of 2 in average. In my group of 6 for instance, where I have put all my family  members irrespective they wanted or not, in fact it is only 2 of us using the app on a daily basis. The others are not and I can easily discard them from the subscription.

So, what do you say Deezer?

5 replies

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A 50% rate increase is no joke, but the mail they sent me - a 100% rate increase (from $8, family plan in Israel, to $18), has to be a joke. It can’t be real because nobody in their right mind will stay with a service that doubled its prices, while all the competitors didn’t (Spotify, Apple and Tidal all cost $9-$10 for a family plan in Israel). Sad. So long Deezer, and thanks for all the fish.

Hi Adrian. I’m completely shocked about the e-mail I got as well. It’s a bad news e-mail disguised as a good news. It’s like “congratulation, you’re now capable of streaming in really high quality.. oh, almost forgot, and it’s now 70% more expensive. Bye!”


As much as I like having great sound quality, I didn’t ask for it, and I know everything is increasing with the economy inflation and everything, basically every company that can increase prices will try to do so, but this is a lot and not worthy. It’s more expensive than Netlix and HBO combined. And I’m really considering switching to Spotify or Tidal or whatever. I’ve been using Deezer almost since the beginning and I will really miss it, but hey… I didn’t miss it before having. =) I can just get something else.


I would be good having the option for a 2 profiles account, of course for a lower price than what I was paying before. €10.5 for 6 profiles is not the same as €10.5 for 2 profiles. Right now Tidal has 5 profiles for €10.5…


Bad move, Deezer...

We definitely need a duo plan for 2 people households. We are actually more, but only 2 actually use Deezer. I got a message that told me about the 70 percent increase to 17.99 €. Looks like people will leave Deezer for Tidal (Family Plan still 10.49 €) in droves.

Whst I would like to know from Deezer is that u increased the deezer family rate by a big jump however it seems the the normal premium rate stayed the same. So why is it only the deezer family having the price increase. Surely if there is a price increase and such a him as it was, that everyone should get increased and not just those on the family package. I had a family member that left my account and has their own account but I'm being charged a much higher fee with less family and his on his own hasn't increased. Be fair,,if there is an increase then all packages should be increased. 

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Hey @Mosslet the price increase affecte all our subscriptions, not just the family one. 😬