linking Deezer with edjing

  • 6 October 2020
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when try to link with edjing I get the following message “My subscription plan 
Deezer HiFi
You're a Deezer HiFi user, since <date>. The changes to your subscription will take effect on 02/11/2020.”


I did upgrade to premium but I still get the error.  Di I have to wait until next billing on the 02/11/2020?


4 replies

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Hi @Alfred.Rutta 

I have checked and can confirm what the message says. Your downgrade from HiFi to Premium has been successful and will start from the next billing cycle on the date above.
In the meantime your subscription will remain as HiFi.

What are the steps to connect to edjing?

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Hello there @donharris76

I am sorry but we do not support eding :(

Hello @Yula 
I payed license for edjing while being deezer premium user linked them already in the past, it was on late 2019, so what happened please could you explain bit more? thanks in advance.
Do you work with another software compatible like edjing so you could add tracks to the plates?
Sad to know about this crossover finished, interaction between two was great :(