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  • 17 April 2023
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Hi there,


I have been a Deezer premium member since Dec 2014. I notice you have put up your family price again and are now €4 a month dearer than Spotify (€15.99 vs €19.99).

Can you give me some details as to what you are paying per stream to the artist vs Spotify so I have a reason not to leave the platform? Going to need a bit more than a generic answer this time.






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3 replies

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hello there @GroovySea 

i’m not a deezer employee, but i will offer my thoughts since you’ve posed a question on an open forum.

artist compensation is a complex issue (some would even say convoluted), and one that cannot be simplified to pay-per-stream.

It's certainly your choice to base your decision on which streaming service you use based on artist compensation, but if you do so, I would encourage you to familiarize yourself with the process.

it’s a deep rabbit hole with a number of side tunnels, but there are a number of easily accessible resources available to you on the internet.

an article like this one will at least pull back the curtain for you as to the numerous factors involved. i can’t vouch for any of the numbers cited, but that’s not really the point.

best of luck with whatever you decide.



In my case, the subscription increases from May by almost 300%. It's too much. I'm also interested in the reasons why I shouldn't switch to Tidal (whose family plan today is cheaper than Deezer's current one, not taking into account the increase).

Ósea si suben el precio de la suscripción al triple !!!!

The subscription is triple now, so suddenly without notifying you of the increase in your membership!!!