Huge price increase in Malaysia ???

  • 22 January 2023
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Hi, I have been enjoying a premium account in Malaysia at 14.90 RM / month for 3 years now.

Last week however I received an email from Deezer informing that the monthly payment did not go through. I checked with my bank and it seems all good.

Now when I connect to my Deezer account I’m asked to subscribe to a premium account and it directs me to a page where the monthly fee is way higher than 14.90 RM… = 10.99 $ / month. I guess this is USD ?

Has anyone faced the same problem which seems to be more a huge price increase than a problem of payment ????? This looks rather dishonest from Deezer should this be the case.

Thanks for the feedback.


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4 replies

Hey @pierrekualalumpur 

I would be careful with the latent insinuation of dishonesty. Please contact support so that they can check what is not working properly with your account:

Hi bro,

Happened to me as well. Huge price increased from rm14.90 to usd10.99. Decided to switch to their competitor.



Same for me, I have a family premium account for rm37 and now rm106??!! 


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Hi @Pachat Faisal @Fireless3 

Sorry about it, but that happened because we don’t accept different currencies anymore and we moved our charges to USD, we sent an email explaining it before, it’s probably on your spam.😕

Take care.