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Hi, received a discount off via email for a premium account. 

£6.99 for 12 months then £11.99 from month 13.

Is there a similar deal for the Family subscription?

UK website only shows a 3 month discount then full price £17.99 from month 4.



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Hey @Sammy1605 

The offer is only related to Premium subscription. Unfortunately not for Family.

OK, thanks anyway 

I’ve just signed up to this £6.99 off via an email sent to me.  I selected the my correct deezer account ( the same as the email the offer was sent to )  then it asked me to ‘open the app to complete the process’.   I did this but my deezer account still says ‘free’ account and not the premium. ?    Does it take an hour or two to activate or do I have to load the webpage up and activate my offer? 

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Hey @seamonkey007

no it does not take a couple of hours to activate an offer, it’s immediate. 

I think the subscription did not go through at all. 
It’s best to check directly with our Support here!