Changing payment method in another country

  • 26 February 2023
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I am currently in Canada and I pay my subscription with a Canadian bank card.
I would like to change my payment method in anticipation of moving to France, using a French bank card.
How can I do it? Because it doesn't work if I use my French bank card. How to switch ?

Thank you for your help!


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3 replies

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Hey @Harriwald

You need to cancel your current account, when it’s on free mode, you can change it to French account and subscribe again when you are in France or you can create a new account when you are in France and just copy all your songs to this new French account, our Customer Care Team can help you with that. 😊

Take care.🤙🏼

Hi Jonathan ! 

I'm not sure I understood what you said. How can I change my canadian account to a french account if I cancel the account first ? 

Is there a way for me to switch my localisation and my payement method without cancelling my account ? 

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Hi @Harriwald

Sorry, that’s not possible, that’s why you need to cancel it first and than you can subscribe again with your French details, but no worries you won’t lose any playlists. 😊

Let me know any questions. 😉