50% off deezer premium for a year

  • 2 January 2023
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Hi deezer, I have been receiving your emails about getting deezer premium 50% off for a year ? 


 This seems like a great deal but is it only availie to new subscriptions ? 


As a long term subscriber to deezer premium this seems very unfair ..... I would love for my subscription to be halved for a year ..... in line with that of anyone who is just coming to the party .... is this possible ? ...... seems like those who are loyal and stay with deezer rather than switching elsewhere when these deals pop up, and  keep paying their subscriptions should also have access to these same privileges ?


Please can someone at deezer get back to me to discuss.


Kind regards.


Slightly miffed deezer subscriber.


Steve cooper


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Hello there @stephen.cooper 

Most of us here are users such as yourself, and not deezer staff. You should contact support to see if they can accommodate you in any way.

Support is here

Best of luck and I hope it works out for you to be slightly less miffed.