5 days left on subscription plan

I need to change my payment method cause my previous PayPal account was closed, but I can't see any option to do that? Please belp


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Hi Tracey,

You can find the information in your account.

You can access your account and payment details the best way through the website:

  • Go to the webplayer
  • In the right corner, choose Manage my subscription
  • Go to Payment methode
  • Choose Change payment type

But if you want, to can also access it using the app.

When I go to manage my subscription it does not give me any options to choose payment method ot change payment only gives a 4 day expiry subscription warning absolutely no option to actually change it or pay it I don't understand I've been trying for days now

If the 4 days is over I will loose my Playlist so I'm desperate to sort it

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Hey @Tracey Lee Bean the fastest way is to contact our Costumer Care team here:

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If the 4 days is over I will loose my Playlist so I'm desperate to sort it

Hi Tracey, normally you won’t lose your playlist when Deezer Premium changes to Deezer Free if I’m correct.

But like Yula told you, best way is to reach out to the Costumer Care.