Need a hand creating that top playlist? Deezer can help!

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Need a hand creating that top playlist? Deezer can help!


Ever wanted to be a DJ? :level_slider::control_knobs::dvd:

We’ve got the right feature for you!

Now on our mobile apps, when clicking on "Add tracks" on existing or on new playlists, you’ll see a new interface with 3 different sources: Suggested tracks (based on your recently played artists), Top tracks (based on your most listened tracks & Favorites tracks (based on the tracks you love). This is to make your playlist creation a more intuitive and seamless experience. So all you have to worry about is those sick tunes you want to put together!

You can now also create collaborative playlists on mobile. You know, in case you want to bounce musical tastes with family or friends.

Give it a go and let us know what you think below.

Available from versions:

Android 6.2.23

iOS 8.34















Good day.

When this will be added to Web Player? The one thing is that not equivalent.

Currently most of my use is at home using Web App where I do not find this option.

Is there anything you can do or is it only mobile exclusive feature?

Love this!!!

Good question @hpguru at the moment is only available on mobile because but I'll keep you posted for when it comes to the web app :wink: