Ho ho Flow!

Ho ho Flow!

The year 2021 is drawing to a close, Christmas is just around the corner.


The hustle and bustle increases: get presents, prepare Christmas Eve.
Who picks up grandma and grandpa?

And ... oh crap ... I forgot about the music.

What would Christmas be without “Last Chrismas”. Oh no, grandpa's favorite record with "Ave Maria" has disappeared.




Deezer has come up with something special. A very special Christmas present:


As a special gimmick, there is a little surprise in the Christmas flow.
Tip: Has to do with snow and flakes. I am not allowed to reveal more, however.


Starting now(*) until shortly after Christmas there is a special Christmas Mood.


Merry Christmas!


(*) The roll-out has started. From today (until next week) the Christmas mood will be rolled out for all iOS users. From mid-December all Android users will also receive the new Christmas mood.


For the Grinch people:
The normal Flow Moods are of course still available. Summer chill music and other anti-Christmas songs. Yay. 


And for all Christmas fans for whom the new flow mood shouldn't be enough, there is a new, separate Christmas channel with countless playlists for the best time of the year:


→ https://www.deezer.com/en/channels/theholidays




:mrs_claus_tone3:  Ho Ho Ho

Let's see how long it takes for Flow to offer “Last Christmas”. :grin:


Make some playlists on every holiday!!! It will be very cool!


Not sure why, but on the webOS (LG tv) app, I don’t see this page for Christmas Flow/playlist! Anyone else with this issue? I mostly listen to Deezer on my home theatre through my smart TV.

Hey @jfle5 

Flow Moods are currently only available for smartphones (iOS and Android)