Land Rover deezer linking to premium acct

is there a way to link your deezer Premium acct (ios app set up and paid) to the land rover version of deezer. deezer works well in the car but it would be good if playlist and favourites etc could be shared


Best answer by Yula 25 May 2022, 18:32

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Hello @Craighammonds

I am not sure I understand what you mean, 

who do you want to share the playlists with? 

I mean Landrover discovery’s have deeper built in and I want to share playlists and favourites.  

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Ok, @Craighammonds :) Do you mean you want to find the playlists and favourites you have on your deezer app on your phone (for ex.) on your Land Rover? 

Cause if you are connected to the same account you should be able to! 

That’s ok I found out you can’t.