deezer keeps stuttering on browser

  • 30 April 2023
  • 2 replies

I’m using chrome and I listen to deezer on this browser. After listening to a few songs it keeps stuttering, also the webpage becomes pretty laggy. It only goes away when I refresh the page but then happens again all the time. I deactivated my ad-blocker for deezer webpage and cleared the caches on chrome but it did not work. Any solutions?

2 replies

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Hi Pobi,

I’m also using Deezer on the Chrome browser. I don’t have the issues you do mention.

Do you use Chrome on a Chromebook or on a Windows pc of a Mac?

I know this isn’t the solution, but did you try to use Deezer on the Firefox browser? Or even better, did you download the Deezer app?

Hi awesomemac. I’m using a laptop with Windows OS. I’ve tried Firefox but the same thing happens there too. I think the desktop app doesn’t have this problem but I’d rather using it on browser. But I have to reload the page regularly to make it work properly because it lags a lot after a while.