Pride month: Amplifying Queer Voices and Celebrating Diversity

Pride month: Amplifying Queer Voices and Celebrating Diversity
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As we step into June, we’re excited to kick off another vibrant month of celebrating diversity. This time, we’re thrilled to introduce a dedicated channel to amplify the voices of our incredible queer artists.


But have you ever stopped to think about the concept of amplification?. What does it truly mean to amplify?

Amplification isn't just about making something louder. It’s about intensifying and enriching the significance of a word, phrase, concept, or experience. By amplifying, we give more importance , depth, and relevance to our message, ensuring it resonates more deeply and clearly.

There are various ways to amplify meaning, depending on the context. For instance, at Deezer, we selected the word "QUEER" to embrace and highlight a spectrum of identities and experiences.

From Pop

To Punk

To Electronic


To Latin


Let’s make this month a celebration of diversity and a testament to the power of amplification.
You can find everything on Deezer’s Queer Culture Chanel

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