Please check about the conditions to enter Deezer Asia

  • 6 September 2022
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Hello, I am Ali Z, an Iranian rapper. I wanted my new song to be played on Deezer Asia's Instagram page or to make a contract. I would be grateful if you could tell me the conditions and I will send the song to you. Thank you.


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Hey @Ali z

Is your song already on the deezer platform? 

If not you can upload it following the steps here:

Yes, I have and this is my profile

Yes, it is, and I want my song to be played on Deezer Asia's Instagram page because I am an Iranian rapper. If Deezer was in Iran, it would be played there, but unfortunately it is not.

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The page @Yula posted mentions “use the highlight feature to showcase your new releases or tracks you want your community to easily discover.” I don’t know how exactly this highlight feature works, but the related support article seems to explain it:

How to share your Deezer release

A dedicated share feature will appear when your new release is live.

You can easily share data with your social network by tapping the Share Share_Deezer_Creators.jpg icon.

You can share via Instagram Stories Instagram_App_Icon_EDITED.png, Snapchat Snapchat_edited.png, Facebook Messenger Facebook_messanger.png, Twitter Twitter_Icon_Edited.png, WhatsApp Whatsapp_Edited_.png, Facebook Facebook_app_Edited.png, SMS or copy and paste the link.


But this does not mean that your release will automatically be played in a Deezer playlist, I guess.

How can I make a contract with Laser that my song will also be played on Deezer's Instagram page?

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Sorry, I don’t know what or who Laser is, perhaps your distributor? Anyhow, after searching the forum for related questions I found this 3 year old thread mentioning a Google Docs form where you can suggest your release to Deezer editors:

The form still seems to work, when you click the link, this message will appear using your Googlemail address:

Deezer Label Pitching Form:

Welcome to our pitching form. This form allows you to pitch releases directly to the relevant Deezer editor for playlist inclusion.

Labels who already pitch releases directly to Deezer don't need to use this form.


Maybe a community manager can confirm that this is still the only way on Deezer to get your artist release on an official Deezer playlist if you don’t have a label? And perhaps the info and link should be added to the support article I mentioned earlier?

Here is a newer related thread, so it seems to be the way to go for artists:

Also this old thread might be interesting explaining how to share Deezer songs on Instagram stories on your artist profile:

Last but not least here is the link to Deezer Asia on Instagram: