Master Recording Integrity, sessions singers redoing vocals and it being passed off the orignal on Deezer..

  • 12 March 2023
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Hello, I'm trying to keep this brief as possible, but its nerve wrecking, when you go to click on and stream  your favorite singers or group old albums and the original vocals have been replaced with vocalists and sessions singers who can't hit the notes, or due to this, the orignal energy of the song is gone... These individuals who are illegally tampering with the Master recording integrity are breaking federal laws... I can name a few of the Artists, I have listened to The Ohio Players, Groive Theory , Korn, Olivia Newton John, Diana Ross, The Isley Brothers, The System, Poison , Motley Crue, Def Lepard , George Benson, Brian Wilson etc and ...These scammers don't tag the albums or songs as "Rerecorded or New vocals", but as the original version and as a Deezer customer, Im getting tired of this and comteplating canceling my Deezer Accoun, because when  you flag these songs and months later its still the Re-done version only availble for stream, so Deezer must not care, I know the CIA is investigating it and have arrested  a few session singers and vocalists in the US. I'm artist, writer and producer and produced and wrote songs for some of the artist mentioned and this has been done without approval or permission and hurts lots of people in the industry, becsuse it now generates a new Master Recording P# and not everyone is being compensated, when the song is streamed.

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Hello @C E C.

you know Deezer has no part in the recording of the songs. We receive the files by the artists/labels/distributors that upload them on our platform. We also don’t pay artists directly everything goes through the label or distributor.