Listening from home? Deezer takes care of the music!

  • 24 March 2020
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Many of us are now gathered at home, working, homeschooling, staying put. These are unusual times and Deezer wanted to keep close to you :notes::hearts:

Our editors have worked on a brand new channel, for those music lovers that can't live without a good tune, wherever they are, whatever the weather! :nerd:

Our Stay at Home channel brings you various playlists to follow you during the day, no matter the occasion.

Our community asked for recommendations and ideas. So if you have :grin: Happy Kids, want an :guitar: Acoustic Escape, or if you really need some fresh air and :violin: Chill Out, our :vulcan_tone2: Feel Good Hits will make sure there's :muscle_tone2: No Giving In :wink:

So check out our new channel, Stay at Home, on your homepage and let us know what's missing :metal_tone2:


7 replies

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Lovely playlists! My favorite Deezer editorial playlists are

  1. classical goes pop 
  2. classical guitar 

    both playlists curated by Yannick, really nice to listen to. 

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2CELLOS are so sick, @Agustin Amigo! I love when classical actually goes pop. Thanks for sharing, that's the spirit. I'm gonna put these 2 on tomorrow when working from home :smiley:

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Thanks Agustin ,, amazing. Sooo cool these Playlists.  Cheers. Ken. 🙂

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Plus … just love this Acoustic stuff..

I tried to embed. It didn't do it ,, here is the link above. 

Cheers … 



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Heeeeys @Rudi  soooooo cool the Stay at Home Channel. I like this idea, as Deezer is keeping up with the sign of the times. It is so difficult for many people over here in Aussie land at the moment with our lock-downs. To not to be able to get out is trauma for many. ….. I know stressful and depressing for many. My daughter with husband and three children, I know will be using their Deezer account more. 

Keep up the good work.   Cheers … Ken. 

Can someone please do a parents playlist.  All should be kid friendly but something in it for kids (and not simply Disney soundtrack!) and parents.


Can't easily find one anywhere, inside Deezer nor outside.


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Hey @oldrecord 

Thanks for the feedback, will pass it on to the editors here :smiley:

Hi @ryanthew 
I'm a parent myself too. I know it can be tough. I'm listening to the playlist above for the time being, and the kids like it :wink: