Las mujeres ya no lloran - a journey of resilience and empowerment

  • 26 March 2024
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Las mujeres ya no lloran - a journey of resilience and empowerment
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Seven years have passed since Shakira’s last album and now the Colombian powerhouse has captivated all her fans with the release of her 12th studio album “Las Mujeres ya no lloran”.
So far, her fandom is loving it, and in the first 24 hrs it became the most streamed album of 2024, it was certified 7 times platinum already, and it has been streamed more than 10 billion times worldwide.

Shakira keeps delivering and puts out quality stuff every single time, that’s why the fans love her. “I am overwhelmed. I have the best fans in the world. They have been with me in the good times and the bad times. They support me all the time and I feel accompanied”, she mentioned in her latest interview.

Women no longer cry, would be the translation for the album an she had some words to explain the title: “I think now, women decide when to cry, how to cry and until when. No one is supposed to tell us how to cope with the hardship of life. I was rebuilding myself, and the only way I felt I was putting myself back together was through music, because music was the glue, so each one of these songs really was like a catharsis to me”

Shakira decided to release four different vinyl covers to  “Las mujeres ya no lloran”: Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby and Diamond.
She picked the metaphor of these precious stones because of the resilience that women have today when they have to face adversity.

The 16-track album includes collaborations with Ozuna, Karol G, Bizarrap, Cardi b, Rauw Alejandro, Manuel Turizo, Fuerza Regida and Grupo Frontera, with eight new songs, seven previously released hits (including “Music Sessions Vol. 53” with Bizarrap) and a remix.  
Punteria (ft. Cardi B) is the focus track of the album and Shakira invited her to be part of this project, because she felt Cardi B was perfect for this song: “She is the symbol of female empowerment to me” 

Did you like the new album? What's your favourite Shakira song?

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 favourite Shakira song


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 favourite Shakira song


What about Africa? 

This is also one of my favourites. 

I like it that the music still is around from oldschool artists. And that the women have empowerement. 

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