DeezerView: Laetitia, EDM editor ⚡

  • 23 January 2023
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DeezerView: Laetitia, EDM editor ⚡
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Welcome to our new format, the DeezerView.


We pass the mic to a member of our team to give you some insight on what happens behind the scenes of the House of Music 


Today Laetitia, EDM editor at Deezer will tell us about her work at Deezer, ready to hear from her? 



How long have you been working for Deezer?
I am still very new to Deezer as I started in this role a few months ago only, at the end of august, so it’s been almost five months now !

What does it mean to be a music Editor? 
As it’s sometimes complicated to explain to people I would basically say :

I make playlists on the platform, listen to music all day long and try to make people discover new songs they will like 🙂

In reality it is much more than that as we are involved in a lot of projects, such as finding ideas for the covers of the playlists, ideas to create new content with artists and we are even thinking about which kind of event or partnership we can do to reach our audience and give them a special experience with their favourite artists with the dedicated teams.


How did you become one?
I have been listening to radio stations since I’m young.

I always loved music and discovering new tracks, but I never thought of becoming a music editor first. I always wanted to work for a radio station, without really knowing what I was made for and after an internship with the editorial team of a radio station, I knew it was what I wanted to do.
I started my first job at this radio station, scheduling music for stations of different genres (Hits, Dance, Rock...), then I went to another webradio where I was scheduling 70 stations with also different genres, and now I’m very happy to work at Deezer !

Where does your passion for EDM come from?
I always liked happy and energetic music, where you can sing and dance to it, so I've been a lot into Dance / Pop since I was young.

I don’t think there’s any explanation for that, I feel this is just the right kind of music for me !

What were your best music discovery in 2022?
Definitely Tsha, LF System, HoneyLuv, Luude, Piri & Tommy and Yunè Pinku.

Top tips to make a banging playlist:

Can you walk us through the making of aplaylist you are very proud of?

Let’s take my first playlist made for Deezer, Tech House.

  • The first thing we do is to look at what is trending at the moment or missing on the platform.  Tech House is a very hugesubgenre and there was no playlist so we decided to make one.
  • Once you have the idea, you figure out what is the target audience, what will be in your playlist, like backcat (only old songs), only new songs or a mix of both.
  • Then my fav part is starting : picking up the songs for the playlist and making the order. Once you’ve done that, you will have to
  • find out a description (on this one it’s “it’s a killa 🙂”, which is a reference to Fisher’s song) and you have to
  • choose the cover or at least give a direction. You can either put an artist picture or an atmosphere, here I chose an artist picture of James Hype because he is huge on the tech-house scene.
  • Last but not least, you publish your playlist so it can meet its audience 🙂

The selection of the track is definitely the best part of this job as we are free to pick out any song that can fit into the playlist, and we can adjust with data and all the info we have.

In your dream music festival which dead or living artist/s would headline?
Well, there are different stages at a festival so I would definitely have:

And probably a house stage too but I think I already said too many names 🤣

Any concert/festival/artist recommendation for 2023?
I think 2023 will be a huge year for Skrillex as he is making a big comeback especially with his special shows with Fred Again.. and Four Tet.

For the artists to follow this year, I’ll say Dom Dolla, Piri & Tommy, Anfisa Letyago and Azzecca.

Do you belong to any fandom? Craziest thing you have done to meet/see one of
your favourite artists? 

As I said before I love pop/dance music and I have always been a huge fan of Kylie Minogue.

Craziest thing I’ve done to see her ? Well, I’ve been to Dubaï to see her showand travel the whole Europe too,

I’ve approximately seen her live more than 50 times... I think that’s craziest enough 😂

If you were stranded on a desert island and you could only bring with you 3 albums, what would they be?
Woooh... That’s a hard one ! Let’s say :

- Kylie Minogue - Body Language

- Disclosure - Settle
- Jamie XX - In Colour



You can find Laetitia’s profile here!


Who would you like to hear from next? Let us know in the comments below! 


8 replies

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Awesome post! love the playlists, keep them coming! Would love to hear from the metal editor. Have a playlist the Metal Editor might like :


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Is there a way for artists to pitch their songs to be featured on your playlists? I know Spotify has Spotify for Artists but I don’t know the way to do it for Deezer & other platforms.

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@Yula could the link I posted be passed along to the Deezer Metal Editor? I have a feeling they would like this playlist XD

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Hi @Spookhouse I’ve passed the feedback to Rod, our Metal editor. 
He asked me to thank you for the suggestion :)

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Awesome thank you!

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Is there a way for artists to pitch their songs to be featured on your playlists? I know Spotify has Spotify for Artists but I don’t know the way to do it for Deezer & other platforms.

Hey @Mikee Laughing, we are working on a process for emerging artist to pitch their music! Stay tuned for more info! 

Meet Laetitia,

The EDM editor at DeezerView….Get ready to dive into the electrifying world of music creation as she shares her insights and experiences working behind the scenes at Deezer. Discover how she curates the ultimate EDM playlists, elevating your music experience to new heights. Just like exploring the desktop version of PicsArt, Laetitia's work at DeezerView promises a dynamic journey of creativity and innovation waiting to be explored….😎

Stay tuned for her inspiring story!

Hi, many thanks for this interview. I'm producer and musicians from Paris. I would like to share nice electro music. Here the release : B Yourself par Funky Robots 🔥 Un album à écouter dès maintenant sur #Deezer

Is it possible to feature it into the new French touch playlist please ? Would be awesome! Many thanks