Bob Marley: A Timeless Icon whose legacy continues

  • 6 February 2024
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Bob Marley: A Timeless Icon whose legacy continues
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 On February 6, 1945, one of the greatest legends of reggae and music was born: Bob Marley. His legacy transcends generations and borders, and we want to celebrate the life of this emblematic figure of Reggae, peace and the Rastafari movement. 



Born in the heart of Jamaica, Robert Nesta Marley was more than a musician, he was an icon. From his trademark dreadlocks to his devotion to peace, he has transcended musical and political boundaries, becoming a symbol of hope and unity.

In his songs, whether with the Wailers or as a solo artist, he preached messages of love, positivity and peaceful rebellion. His anthems such as “Is This Love” and “Get Up, Stand Up” still stir our souls today. He was also a strong supporter of the Rastafari movement embodying its principles of spiritual consciousness and social justice.
Although he left us too soon in 1981, the timeless spirit of Bob Marley highly continues to resonate today.

This celebration will be followed by the cinema release of the biopic "Bob Marley: One Love" on February 14, where fans will have the opportunity to dive deeper into the singer's fascinating life.

This film promises to capture the very essence of the Jamaican icon, exploring the roots of his committed music and the key moments of his short, but extraordinary life. A cinematic experience that promises to be a moving tribute to an artist who left an indelible mark on the history of music as a whole. 

This project, directed by the Marley family, is a reminder of the timeless influence of Bob Marley on our present generation.

Check out the trailer here:


And you, what is your favourite Bob Marley song? Will you go see the film? 👀🍿



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Could You Be Loved


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One of my favorite songs by Bob Marley- Three Little Birds


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To celebrate his dad’s birthday and promote the movie, Ziggy Marley visited the Late show “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and performed Could you be Loved: