Apple is raising the price of Apple Music, Apple TV+ and Apple One from today

  • 24 October 2022
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Another sign of the industry shift as Apple raises prices across the board (student prices were already raised recently).

At first glance, it appears to be a US-only price raise, but in the text of the article:

“If you are in an International market, you should also expect to see proportionally similar price increases go into effect beginning today. Current subscribers will receive notifications of the planned price increases 30 days prior to the service renewing at the higher price”

3 replies


Uhm, I mean


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The complainers are out in force on the forums….. 😀

The whole music streaming business is crazily priced for what we get. I know many people are facing tough choices at the moment, but for less than 30 cents/pence a day we get unlimited streaming to virtually everything we could want. Personally, music would be one of the last things I’d cut back on.


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Let’s make it clear. New price: 5,99€ (Apple music) vs 10,99€ (Deezer) in my country.