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  • 20 November 2023
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A new weekly thread I have decided to make that will be posted every Monday (Hopefully) 


What is your favorite album of the week?


Artist - Lacey Sturm - Album - Ketonic Metanoia

Year - 2023


This album continues the  self titled debut album by the former Flyleaf vocalist. 


Basically the album is a rock album with catchy sound. Some aongs includes her harsh vocals but on most of it Lacey using her clean. 


I think the album is a bit longer than it should however there are no fillers imo, even not the intro (Maybe only the Outro). 


You are welcomed to post yours in the comments. Every Monday I'll post my favorite album of the week as a comment to this thread. 


To make it easier to get info on the album please add :


Artist name 

Album name 

Release year 

Link to the album on Deezer


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Artist name - Kali Uchis

Album name - Read Moon In Venus

Release year - 2023

Link to the album on Deezer:



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This week I’m late with my AOTW but better late than never I guess 😀

Artist name - A Day To Remember 

Album name For Those Who Have Heart

Release year - 2023 ( Remastered )


This album was originally released 16 years ago but the version I’m recommended is actually the new remastered one that came out eelier this month . This version was remastered by Adam.D from the well known metalcore band Killswitch Engage . 

Usually remastered version are such I don’t really care about unless those being made for old records which improve the sound dramatically . However Adam did such a fantastic job with this version by adding a few sounds layers that weren’t even part of the original recording . Jeremy vocals are powerful and some of the instruments got a boost . 

I’m recommending this album to anyone into Metalcore 


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Old but good One


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It’s Monday and here comes another AOTW 

Artist name - Orphaned Land 

Album name A Heaven You May Create (Live)

Release year - 2023 


The new live album by the Israeli melodic oriental  death Metal Orphaned Land 

The new live album was recorded in Hall of fame is Israel Tel Aviv with full orchestra . The album includes songs from the entire band’s discography and sounds great.  All instruments sounds amazing and the Orchestra is beautiful addition . Noa Gruman who joined the band for a few songs is also a great addition and contributes with her great vocal capabilities . The artwork is also amazing and reflects the band origin really nice . 

The album is for anyone who likes the band or into that specific sub gene 



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