on ios 16 deeezeer app (music playing) is interrupted opening photos and almos all web site

  • 1 September 2022
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The app is not protected like in Ios 15…. The music playing stop even if you open a photo…


Best answer by gianpaolo tessari 5 September 2022, 16:04

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8 replies

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Hey @gianpaolo tessari, is your app updated too? 

Can you reinstall and let me know if it’s better? 


Hallo, in effect with the last version (of two days ago) seems to work as it should… i’m always thinking that Apple protects more Music… 😉

Is the app working well with iOS 16 final?

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Hi @CorentinB 

I’d been on the ios16 beta before it became final last night and I’ve found it very reliable, and certainly no issues with Deezer *in my experience*. 

Hi @Zayn-T

Thanks for your answer. It’s quite positive! Have you tried the Carplay part of the app? Last year we had a issue with iOS 15…


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I can’t help about CarPlay @CorentinB as I don’t/can’t drive, but hopefully someone else can help on that for you here. 

@Zayn-T @CorentinB 

I'm currently loading iOS 16 on my iPhone and have Carplay. Maybe today or tomorrow I can check if deezer works correctly with iOS 16 Carplay.

I just did a test. 😎
deezer Carplay with iOS 16 works unchanged. Just like on iOS 15.
Unfortunately, it's still the case - at least for me - that I always(!) have to start the deezer music on the iPhone after connecting it to the car for the first time. The first song does not start via Carplay. I noticed this recently while on vacation.