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Does anybody use Deezer on iOs and have some playback issues. Sometimes when my music is playing it randomly pauses without any input from me. I am not accidentally clicking the pause button on the home screen.

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quite often users solve issues like this by just DELETING and then REINSTALLING the Deezer app.
Try it and make sure you have the latest version. Let us know how it goes.

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Reinstalling does not resolve the issue. It seems the application wants to switch playback devices, or disconnects from my Airpods. This has never been an issue and other applications do not instigate similar behavior. It happens at seemingly random moments, but mostly in the first half or beginning of a song.

I guess it is not possible to add me to the source control, Deezer is not open-source or collaborative dev right?

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This information is of no use to you 😉, but I use iOS with Deezer daily and do not experience this problem. So I am curious if others experience this as you do.

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There are some times actually where this issue also affects me. The music that is playing just pauses with no input from my end. It’s hard to replicate because it occurs sporadically. 

I have the same issue. Furthermore, sometimes it happens several times during one song, and in the next songs as well, but sometimes it can go well for several songs, until hits again. 
I also relate this to output device switching

Came on to report this exact issue and found a thread already on it. It’s infuriating me to no end… doesn’t matter if the song is saved to the device or not too.


Usually happens on the first song as OP described and keeps happening then it just kicks on without issue. It’s like a cold lawn mower…

I am also using AirPods, wondering if this could be the problem.