Homepod + Siri not working for Favorites

  • 13 February 2023
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Hey guys,

Im having unexpected results when using Siri + HomePod mini (now running 16.3.1, but it was the same with older versions).

  1. I cannot play my favorites with Siri.
    Hey Siri, play my favorites. (“I couldn't find “My favorites” in your library”) 🤔
    Hey Siri, play favorites. (“Now playing Favorites from Marvin Gaye”) 🤔
  2. I cannot save a song to my favorites or Library.
    Hey Siri, add this song to my favorites. (“Deezer hasn't added support for that with Siri”) 🤔
    Hey Siri, add this song to my library. (“Deezer hasn't added support for that with Siri”) 🤔

Any ideas? Thanks,

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2 replies

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Hello there @emanuelmatiaspe 

My experience with HomePods and Siri has been that really only Apple Music has full integration. Using AirPlay from my iPhone is my preferred method for playing deezer.

It’s not ideal, but it’s what anyone using any of the competing (non-Apple) services is relegated to.

Every time I read about it on forums, reddit, etc., it seems to come down to it being something on the Apple side. Not that I really care about assigning blame, but that appears to be the prevailing opinion.

Hey @GropplerZorn thanks! The API is there, but I think non-Apple services do not put as much effort as we wish.