Error with the app: downloaded music gone after update

  • 9 February 2019
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Hi there,
Since the last update of my iOS App, all my downloaded music and playlists have been deleted. But still have it in my flow....
I tried to delete the app and install it again but still the same...

Anyone having same troubles ?

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3 replies

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Hi there @carloom

Sorry to hear about your downloaded music. When the app is updated, the content should remain on your phone. But if you then deleted it to try to fix it, this would've deleted the content you downloaded before.
Is your iOS updated as well? When you say playlists, are they still there but the songs aren't downloaded anymore?

I had the same issue. After i updated the app all my downloaded music is gone. Can someone help with this?

Hey @seanmorafi 

What do you see under Settings -> Data & Storage? How much memory is used by deezer and the music?
Usually the downloads are preserved even after an update. However, if you log in with a different account, you will not be able to access the downloads.