Chromecast streaming no longer works on Macbook

  • 14 September 2022
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Until recently I could cast Deezer from a macbook (webversion) and an Iphone SE (app and web) to to a Cambridgde CXN Streamer. The IOS app for the macbook only worked via Airplay. For some reason I can still see the chromecast icon on my macbook, but when I click on it, nothing happens. Does anybody have a clue what could be the reason?    


Best answer by Yula 15 September 2022, 12:25

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3 replies

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Hey @Spektakel could you please send me a screenshot of the pop-up screen you mentioned above? 
I understand that nothing happens after clicking on Play?

Hi Yula,

Thank you for your reply. So far I was casting Deezer from my laptop using Safari without problems (and I still am casting Deezer through Safari on my iphone, without problems), but on your suggestion I’ve tried Chrome. The only difference is that the Chrome button does do something: it activates a pop-up screen that you can use to play/pause/skip or enable subtitles, but no casting to my streamer. 


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Hey @Spektakel, are you using Chrome? 

It’s the only browser that supports casting.