Bluetooth earphones not playing music via my Apple Watch 7

  • 11 August 2022
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Hi Deezer,

I recently subscribed to Dexter Premium with the intention of playing my music/streaming when I go jogging without my phone. However I’m frustrated that

a) Deezer DOES NOT stream via cellular connection only wifi 

  1. Does not play music via any Bluetooth earphones (I’ve tried 3 different types)
  2. When music does play via wifi only it plays ONLY on my iPhone 12, which defeats the whole purpose!

Im using an Apple Watch 7 SE with cellular plan.

please clarify what’s happening?

 I have done most things like deleting Dezzer App from my phone and watch and then reinstalling it.


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2 replies

Hey @Jalexa4 

You can't stream with the watch. You can either control the app on the iPhone or download music to the watch. You can create separate playlists in the app on the iPhone or download existing playlists.

Hi , I appreciate your assistance but I will now seriously consider my Premium Membership as quite frankly I have to much music and memory space is limited on the Apple watch. I also want to be able to search for song's and use the cellular plan I'm paying for by my network provider which is the whole point. So if the only way is to download song's onto the watch then sadly Deezer is way behind other music platforms like Apple,  Amazon,Spotify  etc etc which is a shame.