B&0 app says songs from deezer are not available

  • 15 August 2022
  • 3 replies

MY b&O app does not play songs from my deezer account, I have tried to log out and in but this did not work

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3 replies

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Hello @jrm123, sorry for the late reply. 

Can you give me an example of a song? Are they available in the deezer app? 

It concerns every song and every playlist. And in the DeeZer app it will play however not when the B&O app is applied

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Oh no, @jrm123 

Is your B&O app updated? 

Can you reinstall it, update your deezer password, reconnect to the app… 

Let me know if it helps. 

Also I would suggest contacting B&O as the issue seems linked to their app.