Please implement "group sessions" feature :)

Spotify has this great feature called "Group session" in Beta.

I'm not a spotify user, that's why I would love to see this feature in Deezer.

I think it would attract lots of people to Deezer, since this feature makes it basically possible to hear a track simultaneously with other people, by inviting them. As far as I understand that's how it works.


Please dear Deezer team add this collaborative feature to Deezer! 🤗


@Rafael. This idea has nothing to do with group/sort playlists whatsoever.

Hi @Rafael. 


I agree with @Harmonie  - the feature requested is where two or more people can listen to the same track at once on their device, like a listening party.  One user invites another and then the app syncs what they’re listening too….






Thank you guys 🙏🏻

@Rafael. This idea has nothing to do with "Group sort playlists...." Idea.

I'm talking about this spotify group session feature:

@Rudi Rafael falsely believes my idea is in relation with this idea:


But my idea has nothing to do with that. My idea is about this feature from Spotify, that could be implemented in Deezer aswell:


Hi there, my bad! :)

I guess it's link to this one instead: 


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As HIFI user , i can’t use Deezer anymore, I have many favorite Artists and Albums and I can’t arrange them into folders according to my wishes if it’s gender or my pupy  , I’ll move to  Spotify as they will start HIFI very soon !!

long ago I opened service request for this but nothing happened…

as I can see here you send this request from Idea merged into other idea ...

I pay to you (Deezer)  money, your should do what users asking from you,

This is last warning to you Deezer, unless you want to lose your old users!!

This is not request anymore, this is your last chance to do it!!


Alright Deezer geezers..I’m a new customer and absolutely loving the move from the stale Spotify society to the glorious service that the dizzy Deezers are allowing into the music lovers ears. So firstly, may I say thank you for what you do. I’m curious about this feature too as it was a big part of our collective taste in music and sessions on the daily. I saw this discussion was opened a few years back and just wondering where you’re at with it?


Will the group session feature ever be introduced? 

so much peace and love. 

Any updates?