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Tag songs and then create dynamic playlists

  • 8 January 2019
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It would be great if you could tag songs with your own categories and then use those to generate a playlist based on those tags. For example if you had tagged songs previously in your library you could then tell Deezer to generate a playlist based on the tags ‘happy’ ‘rock’ and ‘party’ and it would put together a playlist of all the songs with those tags. It could then use tags assigned by other users matching the ones you’ve used to suggest similar songs you might like based on those tags

4 replies

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Hi Mike, thanks for the suggestion, I will pass it on to the right team!
It could be very nice function to assign some my personal tag/star/note for the favorite (or even for any) track/album/playlist etc. Main reason - some track/album/playlist may be my favorite for let say workout, but not for high concentration job (e.g. codding) or party or something else. So i want to have possibility to assign my personal tags/stars/notes etc.
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Hey @kcp

Thanks for your suggestion, I like it. I've moved it here for similarity and added votes. Please register your contribution as well! 😉
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Couldn't agree more about better use of tags. So many ways this would improve the app and user experience. Meantime, how on earth are the Deezer supplied tags supposed to be used or help us?!?? 🤔