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Smaller player on Android's locked screen

  • 10 February 2019
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Hi all!

Idea : Lockscreeen player options

Would like to suggest a possibility to not fill whole lockscreen with the album artist art cover. To have a option to keep mobile lockscreen and only show the little player in lock screen.

Perhaps include a configurable option in notifications where users can able or disable this option setting up it to show the little player only or the whole album art plus little player as there's today the possibility.

Note: Suggestion for new Android's version (8, 9 and later).


2 replies

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Hi there @heitordiniz

I've moved your idea to a whole separate topic. Let's see if more users vote for this so that I can pass it on to our developers 😉
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It would be nice to see the progress of the song on the lock screen and on the notification bar.