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Hi Deezer people!

Music is a very personal thing and we all have our own tastes and some of us are more discerning than others. It would be great if we could influence what appears on the Deezer Home page.

Maybe voting buttons which could help tailor the feed to our profiles. Some options might include:

This is the best!!
Do Not Like
Please Never Show Me This Artist!

As an example I would really like to remove the above Ed Sheeran\Beyonce thing from showing up every time I open Deezer.


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Dear Deezer team,

The fact that I am located in a country does not necessarily mean that I am a fan of local pop music - or any type of local music. I do not want any recommendations of these and no, thanks, if I want I can search.
I am also sure that for example rock music lovers are not happy with those "what's new in the Justin Bieber world" blocks.
So if we had an option of customising the dashboard that would really be very helpful.

Merry Christmas!
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There's a 'HOME' page on the website with mostly unrelated stuff. The only thing that seems somehow related to my account is 'New releases' link at the very bottom, but i'm not sure if it recommends some releases i interested in or it's just a coincidence that sometimes i see albums from the artists i follow.

So, the idea is to give users an ability to hide all popular recommendations and to show the new releases from the followed artists and then, maybe, some recommendations/popular playlists, but not at the main place of the page. Manual reordering would be great too

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Hi @Svetlana Belyaeva , Thanks a lot for your idea. I've passed this on to our team and we'll let you know, should we be able to implement this in the future. Fingers crossed! 🤞🏼
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Hey everyone, I moved all similar requests into this one so it's easier for everyone to join the conversation and for us to keep track of how popular this suggestion is 😉
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Hi, although I live in Ecuador, it might be surprising for Deezer that I don't like Reggaeton and actually most of the recommendations it gives as "Popular" music.

So I wanted to know if it could be an option inside Settings or maybe the initial setup of the account, to receive or not these kind of recommendations.
For a Music Lover, it would be much more interesting to receive news about the Releases of the Artists I like or the Genres I like. Right now Deezer shows me playlists I could like, which is good, but I would also like to receive unfiltered information about all the releases from the artists I like.

Also, speaking of playlists, it would be also helpful if Deezer would show the playlists made by users on a different category to the one where the curated playlists are shown and then sorting them out by the playlists that have the most followers. If I enter the Jazz genre, first show under one category the curated playlists, then in another category the playlists made by users which contain the word Jazz or songs that are of the Jazz genre.
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I agree completely and I recommend the new flow (on the mobile apps). As I understand it, it's coming to desktop as well.
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@Felipe.Toral I moved your suggestion to this existing one 😉
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When I start Deezer and instantly hit "Play", Deezer starts playing me Top 100 Hits from Russian chart. I notice this only a few songs in, when some bullshit trash starts playing. I hate mainstream music. I love "Flow" and "Inspired by" collections.

Can you please please change the default playlist from "Top 100" to "Flow"/"Inspired by"?
Please don't make me listen to mainstream garbage that stupid people love to listen to in my country.
My Home section contains things that are completely irrelevant for me e.g. Pop, Rap, Charts, Country, RnB, none of which I've ever listened to.

The Explore section is there if I want to look for new things, the Home section should be exclusively for personalised recommendations based on your listening behaviour and selected preferences.
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Hey @jaylongley

Thanks for your feedback - I've moved it here. Don't forget to show your support for the idea 😉
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Blocking irrelevant content is a must have feature!
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Yeah, I'd like to have my own personalized home at Deezer. Changing order of tiles , for example.