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Provide official Deezer plugin for Mopidy music server

  • 7 November 2017
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Mopidy music server https://www.mopidy.com/ is popular app for background music playing like MPD. It have extensions for popular music services like Spotify, Soundcloud, Google play, etc: https://docs.mopidy.com/en/latest/ext/backends/

Also it have Deezer integration extension https://github.com/rusty-dev/mopidy-deezer - but it is written by single volunteer and not so featurefull.

Will be good to provide official extension to Mopidy from Deezer - maybe written from scratch or via collaboration with original developer of current extension - Konstantin rusty-dev Batura.

10 replies

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Excellent! Instead of expand Deezer availability - Deezer cut it and remove all projects, that try to make Deezer more popular, integrated and available via more usage ways? Good bye Deezer, I will go to other services.
I like the audio quality Deezer offers, but unfortunately they are not very willing to allow 3rd party developers access. This is a big downside of Deezer, and for this it makes me think about stopping Deezer 🙂
Hmm, I'm a long time deezer customer - and now I#d love to make the usage of deezer possible for my toddlers. So I'd need access to the services of deezer via mopidy... Or we'll just switch to spotify...
As usual, with big companies, you get either everlasting promises or no response at all when it's about Linux integration. Why? Simply because there's no immediate ROI on this. It's something selfless, far far away of companies DNA. On the other side, Deezer and others would never been able to build such a service without FLOSS.
Look at the reality, Deezer has very quickly provided Amazon Echo integration (through a skill). If Deezer was ever aiming to provide a native Linux library (even a close source one for DRM concerns), it would already been done.
I'm really asking myself about using those services (Deezer, Spotify or others). In the end, illegal downloading doesn't serve artists, but with that you play wathever you want wherever you want.
Come on Deezer, take care of all your users/clients!
Well everything is said... Chromecast audio is being discontinued, so modipy would be a nice replacement... Maybe I will have to switch to Spotify
Any news on this? Seriously considering my subscription over this...
This is messed up. Deezer, please reconsider this one. If you don't provide cross-platform integration yourself, you should in fact be thankful for volunteers doing it for you.

Will cancel my subscription otherwise.
Oh, nice to know, that Deezer no have integration to popular 3rd extensions/app, like Mopidy and LMS (there we have some plugin, but it works bad).
Looks like I also should to look on Spotify and Google Music (which have this integration and this companies don't try to press 3rd party developers who made free plugins)