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Airplay streaming selection directly in Deezer MacOS desktop app

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Would be very crucial to have a Airplay Streaming selector directly in the Deezer Desktop App (similar to the one iTunes Provides) having to switch System setting to be able to stream to different speakers really is a no go.

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Hi there @MichaelReVe

Thanks for your suggestion, I liked it. I've passed it on to our product team and hopefully with more votes it can get bumped up the queue 😉
With OSX 10.15, it seems no longer possible to toggle multiple outputs from OSX toolbar, however seeing Apple's new music app, it seems possible to have an airplay button with multi output selection.

So it becomes now very relevant to have this feature.
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Thanks for that feedback @Bob Varkevisser you're right, it seems to be more relevant now. Will pass the feedback on to our team 👍🏼