Revamped Monday discovery is now HERE!🎁🎉🎊

  • 18 January 2021
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MONDAY DISCOVERY got a serious and significantly facelift much better than it was. The enhanced feature should already be available to you.

What exactly is MONDAY DISCOVERY Noam? Are you inventing terms now?


The various streaming services should have added value. It is not enough that these services offer a large selection of music to anyone whom desires . Each service needs to bring something of its own / additional features that are not necessarily exclusive but still add to the experience. The goal of MONDAY DISCOVERY is to introduce you to new music based on your taste. The MONDAY DISCOVERY list is updated on a specific day once a week that I will not reveal to you 😉

Each time you will receive 30 songs, all or most of which you did not know. It could be from bands you do not know / bands you know but their songs are not familiar to you. In my opinion, this facelift is welcome and as one who has been privileged to use the updated feature in the testing stages, I can say that this is indeed a significant improvement.

So every Monday, go to your home page in Deezer and look for the MONDAY DISCOVERY list in the hope that you will be surprised every week and even get excited about the fact that you have discovered something new (I am always excited to find new music).




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Listening to mine right now @Noam Asulin it's sooooo good! :sunglasses::money_mouth::heart_eyes:

Check what I just discovered: