Why does my recently played keep moving?

  • 16 September 2023
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The recently played section keeps randomly moving from the home page to the favorites page.

Sometimes I open the app and it's there, and sometimes I have to find it. Honestly, it's a lot more convenient to just have on the main page, so I can just go back to what I was listening to instead of digging through menus. But I can't find anything in the app settings to bring it back to the home page. It doesn't seem dependent on the app getting updated either, I'm just beholden to it's digital whims on whether or not it shows up. 


The continue streaming isn't useful as it's just artists in my library, I haven't listened to any of the artists shown there in over a year so I'm not sure why it's even being recommended. 


Has anyone else run into this? 

I noticed on the desktop app it's moved too. 



1 reply

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I can’t be sure that I have the same issues, because I didn’t noticed it before.


The “Continue streaming” section is fine by me. I’ve got the most recent artists where I listened to.