Very bad service

Very dissatisfied with the support service. It is impossible to report quickly and fix the problem quickly. You need to go to a separate forum and report. Why can't it be more convenient right in the application? Operators answer for a long time, or do not answer at all. You pay money and there is no service at all. Very displeased. If it continues like this, I'll just switch to another service.

Best answer by GropplerZorn 3 May 2022, 03:24

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Hello Oleh,

You are always at liberty to contact deezer support directly, but the forums are listed as an option, because many questions are very simply answered by members of the community.

Sometimes with more technical issues, or issues that require someone to go into your account, (a privacy issue), you need to contact deezer support directly.

Good luck.


The support service did not answer my last request at all)))