unoptimized Desktop App?

  • 20 May 2023
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While using Deezer on my Pc I ran into some problems along the way. These Problems are for example relatively long loadtimes, when opening a already fully downloaded playlist or big spikes in the internet and CPU usage for no apparent reason. Because of these spikes I can’t really use Deezer while playing Destiny 2 for example, because the game is already taking up most of the ressources my Pc has to offer and if Deezer then spikes at ~30% CPU usage or 12Mb/s internet usage, even when I’m just listening to downloaded songs, my game just completely lags out. I don’t know if this is normal for a streaming service or if the Desktop App just isn’t really optimized. It would also be nice to have an offline mode, so that there are at least no more spikes in internet usage while enabled, if the CPU spikes are normal.

0 replies

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