Switching between the profiles of a family account on any hardware (Sonos, HEOS, SoundTouch, ...)

  • 10 January 2019
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Hello dear DEEZER developers,

We are now writing the year 2019.

You still haven't made it possible to switch between the profiles of a family account on external hardware. No, it's not a hardware manufacturer's fault, it's your crippled API the hardware accesses. In my opinion this is a basic function if you already offer multiaccounts. Where is the point of only being able to access the master account?

Why do your competitors manage to make this possible? Why can't you finally develop your API further?

Unfortunately, as a customer, I never had the feeling that the functionality of DEEZER had grown, or that someone in your company was taking care of the further development of basic functions.
Just a pity that you don't use your full potential or don't want to use it for cost reasons.

So let's be clear: When will it be possible to switch between the profiles of a family account on external hardware (e.g. Sonos, HEOS, SoundTouch, ...)?

Thank you for a hopefully informative answer.

13 replies

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Hi there, Sonos, Heos and Soudthouch apps are developed by themselves, but we have already passed this feedback on to them! 🙂

Still no answer????

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Hi @Frank Vereecken , it is already available for Sonos, and we are pushing for having the same option for HEOS, but no ETA in the short term to be 100% transparent with you.
Thanks :relaxed:

please add profile support for Deezer!! Or make it like spotify more alias account or something.


Any place where we can vote for this functionality?

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Hey @LILA8910 

I'm not sure if I misunderstood what you said but are you referring to HEOS devices? If yes, don't worry, we're working hard on connectivity this year :relaxed:

@Rudi Yes that's what I mean, but seems like is taking over more than 3 years ? Looking at the first posr ?

Regards Lars

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You mean 2 years since Jan 2019, Lars @LILA8910?
So much has happened to Deezer since then, so many new features added. The good news is that for HEOS speakers, things are definitely moving :wink:


When will it happen?

How hard can it be?!


Honestly, I can not see why Deezer says it is "supported" on hardware devices since it can not deliver this basic functionality.

Seriously, It's pure basic, first of them all- logging in.

Who cares about the rest, since you can not log in? 

Yep, logging in does not work. That how should it be called. Kind of critical issue, right?

Please step on it. If necessary, force developers of the apps - It's your brand that is suffering from poor service delivery.



Is there any update on this?  If not where can we vote to get the functionality added?

So, four years after, no progres?

Deezer on HEOS still useless as I can’t log in to any other family account, just main profile. Looks like spotify is the way to go! Great job Deezer! Way to go!

maybe try to contact some engineering team for that issue? for example Embrox. They are not only software, but hardware engineering company too. Good luck!

Or I don't quite understand what the problem is, but at home I use a Deezer Family subscription (6 users), and all family members can use their own Deezer login - linked to their own HEOS login - to play their own music (lists) on all 13 HEOS supported devices I own.

When I log in to the Deezer website myself, I - as the main user - am given the option to choose 1 of the 6 profiles that are under my Family subscription.

Importantly, though, I have deliberately chosen to create separate logins (independent accounts) for all Deezer users within my Family subscription. This is because the above will not work if you choose additional profiles within your existing Deezer account (with Family subscription) instead of separate accounts (own login address + password). As long as you associate a unique Deezer account with a unique HEOS account, each family member can associate the specific Deezer account with his/her own HEOS account.

Furthermore, I created a ‘Favorite Playlist’ for each family member in their own Deezer account, and I did NOT set it to ‘Private’, so that their lists are also visible for the other family members. This way we can see and play each other's (shared) playlists on all devices in the house that have the Deezer app and/or HEOS app installed.

To set all this up properly, it might be useful to first clear the cache of your internet browser, otherwise Deezer wants to automatically log in with the credentials that you are already using for your own account. For HEOS, you can easily create a new account in the HEOS app.

But if I really want to see my family members’ entire accounts in the Deezer app on my smartphone, I have to log out first and then log in again with their credentials. And if that is what is meant here, then it is indeed strange that it cannot be easier (after all, via the Deezer website I first get the question which profile to use). And if I am logged in with their credentials, and I then go to the HEOS app, it will remain linked to my own account, unless I also log out and log in again with their credentials.

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Hi @stephenvdm, thank you so much for your feedback and for sharing this information.

Your input is truly valued and appreciated.

If there's anything else you'd like to share or discuss, feel free to let me know.