Summer is NOT here

Deezer, what is it with your narrow minded thinking?  Literally half of the world is not experiencing summer right now.

Why don’t you access the users hemispherical location and make an alternative, like “Winter is here”? I know from experience, doing such a thing is not hard and could be accomplished by someone with only a high school diploma.

Having a blanket statement like “Summer is here” makes you look lazy and amateurish.

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Hello there, @nDR01d 

Thank you for your comment, we are very aware that half of the world is welcoming winter, 

which is why if you are located there, the “Summer channel” carousel does not appear on the app. 

The English speaking Community is mainly formed by users in the northern hemisphere, where the summer solstice is the 21st of june! 

The Spanish speaking Community which is mainly formed by users located in the southern hemisphere does not have a “Summer” article. 


Hope this is clear enough :) 


So why am I seeing it? Its on my desktop and mobile phone.