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When listening to "Favorites Tracks" in the Sonos app, the music is listed from oldest to newest. When listening to "Favorites Tracks" using the Deezer app my favorites is listed from newest to oldest. Can you please update the Sonos app to list the music from most recent to oldest. It would provide for a better user experience which matches what we already get via the Deezer app or Online.

I contacted Sonos and they provided the below, which must be completed by Deezer:

Many thanks for getting in touch with us.

This is certainly good feedback, and although we cannot provide a timeline, we will be certain to take this on board.

As it happens all services on Sonos are developed by the music services themselves, by using our provided API, however, any features can be submitted by the service's own development team by following all necessary documentation, and developer support at this link.

When contacting Deezer they advise I post it here in the community.

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Hi there, sorry for my late reply. We have passed this request on, hopefully it can be implemented soon 😉
Any update on this as it’s still the same ‘oldest to newest’ - frustrating.
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Hello, please provide a status on this. It should be a simple fix to have the interface list the tracks in the same order that we have them in the app and online.

Hello, please provide a status on this. It should be a simple fix to have the interface list the tracks in the same order that we have them in the app and online.

Do you have an update here? 
It’s getting really annoying now... 


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Hello, please provide a status on this. It should be a simple fix to have the interface list the tracks in the same order that we have them in the app and online.

Do you have an update here? 
It’s getting really annoying now... 


Hi there. Sonos app is developed by Sonos. We pass all feedback on to them, but we don't have an estimated time when/if it will be improved.

And on the Sonos side it’s stated they display how they receive it from Deezer meaning you should just reverse the list order that you send to them. 
Said this before, but it’s truly annoying...

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We get you @pthomass sorry for the experience again. We'll keep pushing by forwarding your feedback :thumbsup_tone2:

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I’ve a request more or less similar :

When I display the Deezer “Albums” of my (Deezer) collection in Sonos, they are sorted alphabetically. But I want them sorted by “date” (that is, those I have most recently added to my Deezer collection first, then the oldest...)

I’ve contacted Sonos, and they have told me that only Deezer can generate this “albums sorted by date added” option.

With Spotify or Apple Music on Sonos this option exists already.

Thank you in advance to change/add this.

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Hi @Gwenddoleu 

You're right, it's simple and useful - thank you for your support. The good news is that our new Sonos experience is under development. As soon as we have more concrete info, we'll be sharing here in the community :thumbsup_tone2:

Hi there!


Been following some threads about this sorting thing here and there. Are you guys working on a Sonos integration in the Deezer app, so that you can select Sonos as a device to listen on? Like Spotify has? Would make things easier, then the sorting thing is solved basically… My aplogies if this was already asked somewhere else :) 


Thanks a lot guys!

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Hey Mikey @MikeyV 

Thanks for coming here and contributing to this!

Two things: we're improving our integration within the Sonos app this year. And yes, we're also working on developing a feature like the one you mentioned above - however, this one is hard work, so it'll take several months for us to get it right. In any case, both are priorities for this year :relaxed:

Register your vote here in the meantime:


@Rudi , thanks for the reply and welcome.


Apparently it's been already a few years Deezer is working on this?

I have been a premium user since July 2014. I have been seriously doubting to transfer everything (more then 1000 albums) to Spotify, just because they have this feature... I really hope you guys will come with some features on this the coming months. Certainly cause I'm going full digital now with all Sonos streamers…


Good luck with the process, hope you'll make it! 




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Yes, @MikeyV thank you!

We're actually planning a release in the next couple of months - we'll see how it goes. Because it's something we need to do with Sonos, it isn't as straightforward to plan a timeline and that, for example. We rely on them fitting in development work as well. But it's going well and like I said, we're hoping for updates very very soon. Don't transfer anything yet, I'm with you on this :wink:

Hi Rudi,

Any news on improved integration with Sonos and on controlling Sonos from Deezer app? This has been going on for such a LONG, LONG time now (years, in fact).

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I appreciate you and others (including myself) have been waiting for a new integration @hal41 

However, we have been working on it for just a while now, and we're getting there. I haven't been given a timeline yet but I hope to have more information about it in the next couple of months. Obviously, if there's any info before then, I'll be sharing it with you :pray_tone2:

Thank you for your support and have a great weekend!

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Any news? Why is it so difficult to feed the Deezer playlist to the sonos api in the same order it is last sorted in the deezer app or website? It seems to feed them in ‘manual order’ only. That means you need to shift them around track by track manually. This is a real pain. 

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Hey @Michael Cremona 

It's still work-in-progress, thank you for reporting and for your patience :pray_tone2:

Same issue for me, and the favorites is not working well as I have more than 500 tracks inside. Some are not visible in the list. I hope this will be fixed soon :)

Just purchased the HD feature for my sonos system, and seeing this issue being open for 3 years now is not inspiring confidence of having finally found an alternative to google music.

I have more than 1500 tracks in my favourite songs list, and it will obviously increase within the next period of listening to deezer. 

I hope this will be fixed soon :-/


anyway I will give it a chance, as the flow feature seems to be exactly what I was missing. But I don’t like important features like favourite lists not to work.



Same issue favourites playing in reserve order. App latest version 

Hi Deezer guys!!


I’m following this discussion until 3 years…

Just for information, I’m an early adopter of Deezer. 
Me and my own family are “Deezer team” against “Spotify team” in my family and friends 😅😅. 
I have a full Sonos installation, indoor, outdoor and TV. 

Sorry for that, but I’m leaving Deezer to migrate to Spotify… only because it take me soooo long time to reach my last song added in my playlist…

I’m certainly not the only case…

Bye end enjoy, and hope you will develop faster for futur customer…


I simply can't believe that such a small fault can take over 3 years too fix. You are loosing people to Spotify. Did you fire all the developers or is it just not a priority to keep the customers in the business?


Can you provide an update on how long you are?


I will too leave to Spotify within the next month. This is so annoying.

Just checking on the status of an ability to see Deezer favorite albums on Sonos in “recently added first” order… 

I often add an album to my favorites list as a reminder to listen to it… for example after hearing about it from a friend. In those situations, when I go into Sonos and see the alphabetical list, I usually can’t remember the albums I’ve recently added--and so I give up and go back to my Qobuz favorites (which do show in ‘last added first’ order). 

I really like that Deezer has just about every artist and album I’ve ever searched for, but like others in this thread I end up questioning whether it’s worth keeping the Deezer subscription since it’s a pain to use when listening through Sonos… which I do a lot.

My suggestion would be to return favorites to Sonos in the order the subscriber last used in the Deezer app. I suspect that’s what other streaming services do, and it would probably satisfy those that like to view alphabetically as well as those like me that prefer to see the most recent albums first.

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Hey @fmckinney, we don’t develop the Sonos app so I would suggest you poke this idea on the Sonos community too! 

Thank you